Cattle Farm

Grass Fed Naturally Raised Beef for sale

At Fir Valley Farms we practice Natural Farming methods

-Grass Fed

-No Growth Hormones

- No Fertilizers

-No pesticides

-No herbicides

Local Black/Red Angus/Hereford Steers raised on our family farm in Abbotsford

Whole Cow - approximately 550-600 lbs (dry hanging weight)

Half (Side) - approximately 275-300 lbs (dry hanging weight)

Split Half (Quarter) - approximately 125-150 lbs (dry hanging weight)

$4.15 per pound dried hanging weight plus cut and wrap.

What types of cuts you would expect

Ground Beef

Sirloin steaks

T bone steaks /or New York Steaks

Pot roasts

Rump roasts

Rib steaks

Eye of round roasts

Round steaks


Sirloin roasts

Chuck roasts

Baron roasts


Soup bones

Short ribs

Stew meat

Approximate freezer space required

Whole Cow -14 cubic ft

Half (Side) -7 cubic feet

Split Half (Quarter) -4 cubic feet

Typical one quarter order below-

3 boxes

35-40, 1 pound bags of ground beef


Roasts and more

Contact Ryan for questions or orders